Cuisinart VS-100 Vacuum Sealer Review

Where FoodSaver products leave off, the Cuisinarts take over as far as vacuum sealers go.  Cuisinart has a nice line of vacuum sealers that are very comparable to their competitors.  They have similar features and are made to the highest of standards in quality.  This is one of their best models available today. 


This model is designed for easy operation. It has nice sized buttons on the top for easy access.  It has a silver and chrome outer design.  It includes a decent starter kit to get you going with vacuum sealing.  The starter kit includes (2) 11-inch by 10-foot rolls, (2) 8-inch by 10-foot rolls, an accessory port vacuum hose and a built in bag cutter for convenience.  The bag cutter is removable and stores for easy access later on.  This model can handle any types of food to be sealed. You can use it for sealing up meat, fish, dry products such as chips, cereals and it can be used with breads or pastries too. Delicate foods won’t be subject to breakage as there is an Instant seal function that is made for delicate food storage.

Ease of Use

Vacuum sealing bags is easy with this model.  First prepack a bag with the desired amount of food to be sealed. Then you open the lid of the sealer and place the open ended part in the sealer. Next you close the lid by pressing down on both ends. It should lock at that point.  Choose the operation button that you need. You can either choose to seal only. Or you can choose the option to vacuum seal and then seal the bag. This option lets you close up a bag by removing any air pockets first.  There is also a cancel button to stop the process if you need to. The easy 3 button design makes this model a snap to use.

Once your vacuum sealer is on there are indicator lights that let you know where in the process you are.  A blue light will indicate that the vacuum/seal button has been pushed. A red light will indicate that you are in seal mode only. When your process is finished both lights will turn off It is then safe to push the buttons on the sides to open up the lid and remove the bag.

Cleaning this model is very easy. Simply wipe off any spills from the outside of the product. Its stainless steel design makes cleaning easy.  There is no need to use any abrasive scrubs or cleaners.  There is an integrated drip tray with this model.  Cleaning the inside is very easy. Just open the lid and gently wipe away any areas that may have spills or crumbs.  Always be sure to fill bags and leave enough space to avoid spill leaks.

This model is small enough to store away if need be or leave it on your counter for easy accessibility. It is fairly lightweight as well. Great model if you want to take it on camping or fishing trips for outdoor use.


There is an accessory port on this model and it comes with a handy hose. The vacuum hose stores away nicely inside this model for convenience. The hose is easily attached to the sealer and can be used with canisters, jars and other bag types.  While this product will work with other manufacturer’s bag material it is recommended to use only Cuisinart brand bags if possible.  This will ensure that you get the best possible vacuum seal each time.

Drawbacks of Use

While being a nice machine to have it does have some problems.  The power cord is fairly short. So you will have to be very close to an electrical plug or use an extension cord depending on where you are using it.   There is no built in bag cutter as with other models. The removable cutter that comes with this model is not the best tool to use. You may be better off using a pair of scissors for cutting bags.  The air suction on this model does not always work well. Some items such as prefrozen foods may still have air bubbles in the bag.  So this may require a couple of tries before you get all the air out of the bag before sealing up.  


They say you get what you pay for. For the modest price of this model you get a no frills and no extras machine. It is small and compact.  It is fairly easy to use and maintain.  Operating this model takes some work and practice. The buyer may or may not want to deal with the hassles.  It is economical but you will end up spending a lot time of sealing bags.  If you want to do a lot of vacuum bag sealing then you may want to buy a more heavy duty model.  Let the buyer beware on this product. 


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