FoodSaver GameSaver Deluxe Vacuum Sealing Kit Review

Most food savers do basically the same things.  They are designed to preserve food in the best ways possible with the least amount of effort.  When it comes to preserving food there are a few models that do stand out from the rest.  This model was created to handle large amounts of game type meats.

This model is made by the FoodSaver Company.  It was made to be used primarily by huntsmen and fisherman for big game meat preservation.  This model prices at around $110.  Like other FoodSaver models it comes with a small starter kit. You get 2 rolls of plastic and 2 pre cut bags. The main features include a built in storage for the rolls. It comes with a built in cutter for convenience. It 2 seal levels and 2 vacuum control speeds.

This was made to be a sturdy product.  It has a strong vacuum suction for removing air bubbles. It is powerful enough to seal the freshest and biggest portions of food. Fishermen and hunters love this product as it is made to handle a lot of food processing over time.  The one touch controls make operation a snap. The sealing strip is extra wide for large portions of food. The sealing strip creates a strong air tight seal. So no liquid or air can escape. This food saver is slightly smaller than others. It is compact and lightweight. But it carries a lot of power.  It can be used anywhere. It won’t move around like some other products do when sealing larger bags of food.  This product can seal a lot of bags before it wears down. It comes with a 10 year warranty unlike other models. Like other FoodSaver products, this on has the patented removable drip tray for easy cleanup. Its hands free design makes it easy for anyone to use.

Ease of Use

This model is fairly easy to use.  It has two buttons for speed. You can choose either a fast or normal speed setting.  Then you set the option for moist or dry food products before sealing.  It also lets you choose if you want to use the seal option alone without the vacuum process.  This is great for sealing up non food items.  Once those options are set then you can start the sealing process.  You don’t have to worry about destroying food. This product has the FoodSaver Crushfree option.  Delicate foods like bread products or fruits won’t get squeezed. All you have to do is adjust the seal level controls.


This model comes with two accessories. You get a vacuum hose and accessory port for easy use with other storage products.  If you run out of bags you can use jars or canisters.  The built in cutter is great too. No need to use scissors.  The cutter works well and your bags won’t cut crooked as with some products.

Drawbacks of Using

While it is designed to be a semi industrial strength model it does not live up to that claim.  This product loses its ability to seal fair fast.  Consecutive sealing is not recommended. If you are going to vacuum seal several bags you need to give your machine a periodic break.  The average amount of bags that can be safely sealed at any given time is roughly 6-10 bags.  Larger amounts of bags will cause your food saver to fail.  It may even over heat. There is an indicator light on the model if this happens.  You will need to give it about 5-10 minutes to cool down before you can use it again.  You must use the thicker bags with this model. The thin sized bags do not remove air very well.  Don’t waste money buying the thin bags. Food that is oddly shaped will have problems sealing. The air does not get completely removed.  So you will need to try a few times before it seals correctly. In some cases you may need to double seal a bag.  The longevity on this model is not very good. If you get to a year with it with constant use you are lucky.


While this is a good product it is not entirely great.  If you can master the trick of using the correct sealing settings for moist food then it is not a totally bad purchase.  It does take practice and a few trial and error runs to function properly.  If you are not in a hurry when sealing bags this will work fine for you. Over time it does not live up to its high quality standards.  This is a good product as a starter food processor. However if you are a hard core food saver you will end up replacing this model eventually. You get what you pay for with this one and you will end up spending more money.


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