FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing System Review

If you are looking for a decent vacuum sealer that works well you shouldn’t have to spend a lot of money on something fancy. Lots of newer machines come with automated features or little extra perks but if all you want to do is seal a bag, and then you just need something simple. 


If you want a vacuum sealer and are on a budget this model is for you.  It is less than $100. It is designed to be compact.  This one is very simple to use and maintain. Comes with the Crushfree function for delicate food types. It also has a 1 year warranty for repairs or breakages. Just as with other models you can vacuum seal up anything. Whether it is large amounts of meat, frozen items, dry food products or even other items like photos or toiletries, this product will seal up everything you can think of.

Ease of Use 

This vacuum sealed with made to be easy to use.  First time vacuum sealers should use this before trying other higher end models.  First you load up or prepare your bags for sealing. Next you open the lid of the model and place your bag into the sealing area. Close and lock the lid.  Then all you have to do is press either the Seal button or the Vac/Seal button for a tight and air less vacuum seal. It is that easy to use.  To open the lid simply press the unlock button on the side and it pops right up. The vacuum sealing process is not long at all. 

Cleanups and spills are really easy to do. This machine is small so there are no major parts to clean around. Simply give it a good wipe down with a cloth. Be sure to unplug it first if you are using a wet cloth in the internal spaces.

This model is very lightweight and easy to move around. Storing it is easy too. Its compact enough to fit on smaller counter top spaces or it can be placed in a cabinet for storage until its needed.


If you wish to use accessories with this model it can be done. There is an accessory port for a hose attachment.  Just connect the hose to the machine and add on any accessories you have such as jars, select canisters and even newer zipper bags.  You can even use a marinator with the hose attachment. 

Drawbacks of Use

If your planning on the occasional vacuum seal then this model is perfect. However if your wanting to vacuum seal up large quantities at any given time, then your going to need a commercial or professional type model.  This model will not handle continuous jobs without needing a break. It can overheat it used too much. Or it will die out completely. 

Air suction is an issue with the model.  Again if your going for the occasional use then this will be fine. But excessive use will make the vacuum sealing function useless.  The vacuum will work but over time the air suction goes out so even after a few tries you may still have air in your bags.  Now the sealer itself is ok most of the time.  When the gaskets wear out you will need to replace them.

Unlike fancier models this one is a manual process only, no automated features at all if that is what you need.  There is no built in cutter tool either. You will have to use a knife or scissors to cut your bag sizes. Or you have to use precut bags.  If your wanting to use a bag roll material you need to store it away aside from the machine. This one does not come with the extra holding space for the roll. 


This model is great for the occasional vacuum sealer. But for those folks doing double duty with their machines, then this won’t work well at all.  On the flip side it is a nice compact model that can be placed just about anywhere. It is good for travel too and stores in a drawer.  You can use it for sealing most anything. Just don’t use it too much if you want to extend the life of it. It has a 1 year warranty. However it is very limited as to what can be covered under it.   If you’re a first time vacuum sealer user, this is a great starter machine.  It is not difficult to use at all. It is so easy a child can use it. The cost is low too. So if it does break down you didn’t waste a lot of money on its initial purchase. Some people have even bought this same model more than once.  So it is a good product to try out.


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