FoodSaver V4440 Review

The whole purpose of buying a food saver is to stop wasting food and ultimately save money.  There are several food saver products on the market that are a waste of money themselves. Some don’t live up to their grand claims. They stop working for various reasons.  Most of the time you end up with a worthless machine.  This isn’t to say that all food savers are junk. There are some really great models available. Now they may cost more but you get what you pay for.

The FoodSaver Company has a long line of food saver products. This is a fairly new model of theirs.  It has a modern sleek design. The outer cover is made of chrome and has a black finish.  It comes with a starter kit right away. So get you a few precut bags and some rolled bag material.   It features a retractable hand held sealer for vacuum sealing other products.  It is fairly lightweight and looks nice on any counter top.   This is described as being multifunction appliance.

Product Functions

This model also uses a 2 step process to function. Just fill your storage bags with the desired amount food.  Make sure to leave some space to avoid spills.  Then make sure to seal the bottom first. Then place it in the sealer.  Change the settings for either wet or dry food.  The sealer works automatically.  It has a built in bag detector.  You don’t have to worry about manually closing or holding down the cover on this model.  This model is designed to be very efficient at saving time in the kitchen. Once the vacuum sealing is done a red light will flash. The whole process of sealing is done quickly and nearly effortlessly. The automation of this product is one of its best qualities over other models.

Ease of use

Cleaning this product is relatively as easy as it is using it. Just remove the drip tray to clean up spills. Also changing the bag material is easy too. Just pop open the top cover and remove the bag holder. The new bag material slides on easily.  The buttons on the top are easy to read. There is a progress bar that lets you know how far along the sealing process is going.  If you must stop the vacuum sealing for any reason, there is a Cancel button too.

As with other models, it is compatible with other FoodSaver accessories. You can use it with canisters, jars and zip lock baggies. The built in retractable hand held sealer makes vacuum sealing jars a breeze. It is very easy to use and convenient. You do need to be careful to not pull out the hose too far. Otherwise it will not retract properly.  This is a great add on tool for sealing that does away with needing other expensive accessories.

Drawbacks of Using

This product has tons of pros, but it carries just as many cons.  Let us start with the sealer itself.  This should be a fully automated process in most cases. However, the sealer at times will stop functioning for no reason.   While the automation should be a time saver it is not.  Sometimes you will need to give it a few tries before it will seal. If you are trying to do a double seal on the bag, this will take some effort.  This is easier on a manual product.

Then if you try to use this product too much it will overheat. So then you have to wait the standard 10-20 minutes until it cools down.  This product is good if you are only going to seal small amounts of food at a time. It is not good if you are wanting to seal up and save something large and bulky.

The whole vacuum seal process can take some time. This model doesn’t have heavy duty strength as other similar models.  Even the retractable sealer accessory loses its suction power after a while.  There is a learning curve to this product. Especially when it comes to getting the automatic sensor to work just right.


This product is basically a hit or miss purchase.  It is great for vacuum sealing the occasional single bag of food. Not good if you want to seal a load of bulk foods of all kinds all at once.  It has a wide sealer design. You can seal up larger quantities with this option.  It can even help with food marinating by making the process a lot easier. Its overall physical design is nice too. Its modern look compliments any kitchen counter top. It is so easy to clean and maintain. It has a purchase price around $150. Not the best model FoodSaver has made. But it is not entirely the worst either.


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