Foodsaver V4880 Fully Automatic : Handheld Sealer Review

Here is another great product from the FoodSaver family of vacuum sealers.  This model offers much more than its predecessors.  It has bonus accessories that add to the fun and efficiency that comes with vacuum sealing food. It is great for vacuum sealing all kinds of food including meats, fish, breads and cooked foods like soups.


This model comes with several awesome features which add to its value as a kitchen appliance.

One of the best features is that this vacuum saver is fully automated. The auto detect function on this machine can see if there is a bag in place waiting to be vacuum sealed.  That is not the only automated function though.  This vacuum sealer can also auto detect if food is moist or dry. Using the auto detect function on the vacuum speeds it can adjust the speed based on the food type.

This model comes with a decent Starter kit for immediate use. The starter kit includes: 1 – 11 inch x 10 feet heat seal roll, 5 quart sized FoodSaver heat seal bags, 5 quart sized FreshSaver Zipper Bags, 1 wine stopper, 1 lunch and a leftover container.  This model has a convenient storage area for you bag material roll. There is also a built in cutter to create custom-sized bags

Ease of Use 

This vacuum sealer is super easy to use. After you have prepared your food bags for vacuum sealing simply place the bag in the sealer and the machine does all the work.  With its extra wide sealing strip you can vacuum seal large amounts of food. It applies heat for a secure, air-tight seal. You won’t have to worry about any leakage of liquids or air.  The machine comes with LED lights that let you know the progress of your vacuum sealing.

There is a special Pulse Vacuum button for using the vacuum sealer in a manual mode. So if you are wanting to seal up foods that are delicate like breads, cookies and dehydrated foods you can do this at your pace. Your food won’t get damaged in the vacuum process.

It’s a BPA free appliance. So you don’t have to worry about any plastic residue issues. The heat sealer doesn’t give off any odors when it is in process. Even the bag material is BPA free to keep you safe. 

This model is very easy to clean.  It has a chrome outer design that is easy to wipe off to keep clean.  The patented pull out drip tray drawer catches overflow liquids. This tray is made to be dishwasher safe. 

This product does more than just seal food. It had a rapid marinate mode. So you can marinate meat or fish in a matter of minutes instead of hours.  This is perfect for when your time is limited in the kitchen.


This model comes with some great accessories. There is a retractable handheld sealer. It is the perfect accessory for sealing up zipper bags, jars and canisters. It works with all FreshSaver brand bags, containers, FoodSaver canisters and marinators. It also has a bottle stopper. So your open bottles of wine or other drinks can be saved for later use.  The stoppers allow for no escapage of carbonation or loss of flavor. 

Drawbacks of Using

Despite all the fancy bells and whistles on this product, it is a hit or miss appliance when it comes to use.  There are a few bugs that need to be improved on with the appliance.  The automated features do not always work as they should.  It takes a bit of practice to get a bag to seal correctly.  You need to be mindful as to how to hold the bag straight. Otherwise you can end up with a lop-sided sealed bag.  The auto detect bag sensor sometimes does not detect the bag. So you need to play with it a few times before it will start to work. However once it starts to work you need to make sure your operation settings are set right. Otherwise the heat sealer will start to work without ever doing any vacuuming and air removal. 

This machine is not compact. So if you are limited on counter space this won’t work for you. It is a bit big and bulky so storing it away will require some closet space. 


If you can manage to get past the minor issues with this product, then there is no money wasted.  When it works it does work really well. Using the automated features does take practice and a bit of trial and error work. It will hold up a long time if taken care of properly. This machine comes with a 5 year warranty.  It’s a bit higher in price than other FoodSaver products but in the end its well worth the cost.


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