How To Vacuum Seal

Thanks to the new method of vacuum sealing food, you can keep your food fresh for a long term. But you have to keep in your mind that by vacuum sealing it, you will not keep it from spoiling, it is all about how you vacuum seal it. If you do it properly you won’t have to worry about anything, but if you didn’t then don’t expect it to last more then the usual.

Everything in life requires some certain tricks and methods to give you the best results, and vacuum sealers are not an exception. By using some simple tricks and methods you will be able to vacuum seal your products properly without having any difficulties and store them for a very long period of time that will surprise you and satisfy you at the same time.

Some of those methods are:

Vacuum sealing and storing veggies and fruits

Veggies and fruits are an essential foods that we use everyday; so it is very important to vacuum seal them and store them properly whether you want to use them in a small period of time or longer.

For a small period of time: For veggies that you plan to use them soon, you can simply peel them and cut them into the shapes that you want. Place them in some hot water to boil for 2 to 3 min, then remove them and put them directly in cold water with some ice cubes for 2 min. Make sure to dry them before placing them in the bags to vacuum seal them.

For fruits you can simply peel them, slice them and vacuum seal them.


› When you pack your veggies or fruits in the bag to vacuum seal them, make sure to leave some extra space; don’t overfill it.

› If you want to use your vacuum sealed and frozen veggies or fruits, you can simply heat them in the microwave.

For a long period of time: If you want to store your veggies or fruits for long period of time, all you have to do is to rinse them well to remove all the dirt from them, dry them with a towel or leave them on a wax paper to dry. Vacuum seal them all the time leaving some extra space before putting them in the freezer.

Vacuum sealing and storing meats and sea foods

Storing any kinds of meat and sea food is the easiest thing that you can do. So next time you find a sale or a good deal, don’t hesitate to benefit from it. All you have to do is to separate the meat or sea food that you are willing to store into portions and clean them properly. (Vacuum sealed bags of meat stay fresh for 2 to 3 years).

The meat or seafood that you intend to use soon: you can store it in large pieces.

The meat or seafood that you are willing to store for a long period of time: you have to cut them into small, medium or large pieces whatever you like before storing them. Because storing the whole piece for a long time will make it lose its flavor. You will need to freeze them before vacuum sealing them.


› Make sure to let the meat dry before packing it.

› You can place add to it a moisture absorber to keep it fresh.

Vacuum sealing jars

When it comes to sealing jars, vacuum sealers are the best. With the new high technologies you don’t have to worry about your jarred foods from spoiling whether it is wine, pickles, vinegar… Just make sure when you want to purchase a vacuum sealer, to choose a model that contain the feature of sealing jars. All you have to do is to stuff whatever you want in a jar and put the lid back without using the seal. Vacuum seal the jar, put the ring back and enjoy.


→ Don’t forget to write the date a​​​​nd the type on every bag and jar that you vacuum seal.

→ Make sure that your bags are always dry. (If they become wet, they won’t seal properly)

Vacuum Sealed Food Packaging Process Is Completely Safe

Vacuum sealed food packaging is often ignored. People see it as a benign course of action. But this premise depends on the fact that a number of institutions operating with government oversight to ensure that the process is completely safe for vacuum sealed food packaging.

The truth is that companies agree to the terms vacuum sealing machines specific guidelines for food storage vacuum seal on. With vacuum sealed food packaging, this process allows food to be stored five times more than normally can be stored when not vacuum packed. However, if cold or frozen, shelf life of food can be stored a lot longer without going bad.

This benefits longer shelf life of food in other ways too. For example, the exclusion of oxygen and nitrogen in vacuum sealed food is to maintain freshness. Similarly concerns goes with the cheese. Air flow quickly dries out cheese and leads to mold rather quickly. Vacuum sealed food packaging is the key to extend food shelf life by 3 to 5 times.

What type of food container to use for each application

The whole process for secure vacuum sealed food packaging is plastic film, vacuum sealer bags or food storage containers. Food packages is heated to remove 
oxygen and carbon as it cools.It is important to meet the standards of safe food management, whether you vacuum sealed food at home or at traditional food packaging companies. It is important to apply safe and secure methods of handling all times. If not done correctly, vacuum sealed food packaging may cause some disease pathogens.

There ia raging battle on what type of container to use for each application. Therefore, you should consider a material or combination of materials and processes will best serve the market and enhance brand value. Vacuum sealed food packaging gives you the protection that will advance food shelf life without reducing food safety and security.

Package machines are designed for the purpose of safe vacuum sealed food packaging

The food packaging will continue to develop and improve. New packaging alternative is always required as a result of the growing stability for a longer food shelf life. Vacuum sealing bags or containers can be used to preserve and prolong storage of any food such as chocolate cookies, pies, or an assortment of foods. The vacuum sealed food packaging even a major concern for NASA.

Many food packaging machines are designed for the purpose of safe vacuum food packaging. When activated, your vacuum sealing machines will remove air and seal your package.

When the product is placed in a vacuum chamber machine, the lid is closed and the air is removed. Then the bag is quickly sealed and the environment inside the chamber is restored to normal. The lid can then be opened and the product removed. Foods sealed in chamber vacuum sealers are of the highest packaging quality.

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