Weston 65-0201 Pro-2300 Vacuum Sealer Review

When looking to buy a food saver you want one to be made of good quality.  While the lightweight and compact models are nice, they may not always stand up over a long period of time.  Industrial looking models might seem bulky or too complex. However, you can almost guarantee they will last a few years.  They also cost more but they are usually worth the higher price tag.

This model by Weston is one of those sturdy models.  It has a commercial look but it is designed to handle a lot of vacuum sealing jobs.  Unlike other models this one is a little more industrial. It is larger than most of the Food Saver products.  It carries a lot of weight at 14 pounds versus other models around 9 pounds. This one may not be easy to move around and store in the kitchen. You can be sure though your food saver jobs will be done right.  It has heavy duty construction and is made of stainless steel.  It has a clear see through cover so you can watch your bags sealing from the inside and make sure its working properly.  This model was made for game huntsmen, fisherman or anyone who need a lot of vacuum sealing jobs done.

Ease of use

It has a powerful double piston pump seal bar. So you can be sure you’ll have a perfectly sealed package every time. It put out 935 watts of power. The power strip is removable. It stores neatly in its own compartment area on the back side.  The seal bar is extra long on this one.  This model can work in manual mode or automatic. The manual mode is great if you are doing customized sealing jobs.  The automatic function is quick and easy as it has auto bag detection. The clear top cover lets you see the placement of the bag before you can seal. So if it is not straight or you need to allow for more bag space you can see it.  There are LED lights on the cover that let you know what stage it is in while sealing. No matter what you are sealing you’ll get a professional job done every time.

Using this is a simple process. Fill your bags with the desired amount of food. Then place the bag in the sealer area.  Check to make sure you have enough space in the bag and your bag has been placed in properly. Then hit the option button to get started. The stainless steel construction makes this model easy to care for once your done with it.

Product Drawbacks

Here is another product where looks can be deceiving.  This is a good looking commercial type food saver. However there are some problematic issues with this model.  In comparison to other name brand food savers this Weston model does not exceed expectations.  It can vacuum seal decently but not greatly as designed. In fact the sealer is usually the first part of fail on this product.

Unlike FoodSaver models, this one does not come with any type of starter kit. You must purchase your bag material rolls or precuts at an additional cost.  The bags must be purchased but they are less expensive that with other name brand sealers. The drawback here is that there is a compatible problem using other brand bags. In a lot of cases they won’t seal. The Weston bags are specially designed to work with Weston products.  Using other bags is possible. You may not get the same results.  This machine will not fully suction out all the air using other bag brands.

Accessories are also extra with this product. Most other models come with at least an external hose. This one does not have it. You can buy compatible hoses thought to use with vacuum sealing jars and other storage canisters. This one does not come with a built in cutter either.  Trimming the bags is a manual process.


You win some you lose some with this food saver.  The pros here are about equal to the cons. While the sealer may be problematic it does have decent air suction.  You will never have to worry about air or liquid leaks once it is sealed. This may take some practice though. The extra wide sealer lets you use any size of bag.  You can seal any type of food or any size portions. You can even vacuum seal odd sized objects.  For being industrial strength it is very quiet when it’s running. Excessive noise I not a problem with this model.  Another great feature on this product is a built in cooling fan. You’ll never have to worry about this product over heating.   As long as you give it a decent break time in between seals this product will be ok.


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